The Beginning of the Mufassal Section of the Qur'an

This Surah is the first Surah in the Mufassal section of the Qur'an, according to the correct view. It is said that the Mufassal starts with Surat Al-Hujurat. Some common people say that the Mufassal starts with Surah `Amma An-Naba, (chapter 78), however, this is not true because none of the respected scholars ever supported this opinion. Aws (bin Hudhayfah) said; "I asked the Companions of Allah's Messenger () how they divided the Qur'an. They said; `Three, five, seven, nine, eleven, thirteen, and the Mufassal section as one.' '' This was recorded by Ibn Majah and Imam Ahmad. If one counts forty-eight Surahs, the next Surah will be Surah Qaf. The details are as follows: The ﴿first﴾ three Surahs are Al-Baqarah (chapter 2), Al `Imran (3), then An-Nisa' (4). The five are Al-Ma'idah (5), Al-An`am (6), Al-A`raf (7), Al-Anfal (8) and Bara'ah (or At-Tawbah) (9). The seven next Surahs are Surah Yunus (10), Hud (11), Yusuf (12), Ar-Ra`d (13), Ibrahim (14), Al-Hijr (15) and An-Nahl (16). The nine next Surahs are, Subhan (or Al-Isra' (17)﴾, Al-Kahf (18), Maryam (19), Ta Ha (20), Al-Anbiya' (21), Al-Hajj (22), Al-Mu`minun (23), An-Nur (24) and Al-Furqan (25). The next eleven Surahs are Surat Ash-Shu`ara (26), An-Naml (27), Al-Qasas (28), Al-`Ankabut (29), Ar-Rum (30), Luqman (31), Alif Lam Mim As-Sajdah (32), Al-Ahzab (33), Saba' (34), Fatir (35) and Ya Sin (36). The next thirteen are Surat As-Saffat (37), Sad (38), Az-Zumar (39), Ghafir (40), Ha Mim As-Sajdah (or Fussilat) (41), Ash-Shura (42), Az-Zukhruf (43), Ad-Dukhan (44), Al-Jathiyah (45), Al-Ahqaf (46), Al-Qital (or Muhammad) (47), Al-Fath (48) and Al-Hujurat (49). After that comes the Mufassal section, according to the Companions, may Allah be pleased with them all. Therefore, Surah Qaf (chapter 50) is the first of the Mufassal, just as we stated, and all praise is due to Allah and all favors are from Him.