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Al-Hafiz Abu Bakr Al-Bayhaqi recorded that Sa`d said, "There were four Ayat revealed about Khamr...'' He then said, "A man from Al-Ansar made some food and invited us. We drank Khamr before it was prohibited and became intoxicated, and thus started to boast about our status. The Ansar said that they were better, while Quraysh (the Muhajirin) said that they were better. So a man from the Ansar took a bone and struck Sa`d's nose with it and made a flesh wound on it. Ever since that happened, Sa`d's nose had a scar from that wound. The Ayah,

﴿إِنَّمَا الْخَمْرُ وَالْمَيْسِرُ﴾

(Intoxicants, gambling,) until,

﴿فَهَلْ أَنْتُمْ مُّنتَهُونَ﴾

(So, will you not then abstain) was later revealed.'' Muslim recorded this Hadith.

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