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The Command to be Patient with the Harms of the Disbelievers and a Discussion of what They will rece Print E-mail

Allah commands His Messenger to be patient with what the foolish who reject him among his people say. Allah also commands him to keep away from them in a nice way. This means in a way that is not blameworthy. Then Allah says to him, as a threat and a warning to his people - and He (Allah) is the Most Great, Whose anger nothing can stand before,

﴿وَذَرْنِى وَالْمُكَذِّبِينَ أُوْلِى النَّعْمَةِ﴾

(And leave Me alone to deal with the deniers, those who are in possession of good things of life.) meaning, `leave Me to deal with the rich rejectors, who own great wealth.' For verily, they are more able to obey than others besides them, and they are requested to give the rights (to people) because they have what others do not have.

﴿وَمَهِّلْهُمْ قَلِيلاً﴾

(And give them respite for a little.) meaning, for a little while. This is as Allah says,

﴿نُمَتِّعُهُمْ قَلِيلاً ثُمَّ نَضْطَرُّهُمْ إِلَى عَذَابٍ غَلِيظٍ ﴾

(We let them enjoy for a little, then in the end We shall oblige them to (enter) a great torment.) (31:24) Thus, Allah says,

﴿إِنَّ لَدَيْنَآ أَنكَالاً﴾

(Verily, with Us are Ankal,) and these are fetters. Ibn `Abbas, `Ikrimah, Tawus, Muhammad bin Ka`b, `Abdullah bin Buraydah, Abu `Imran Al-Jawni, Abu Mijlaz, Ad-Dahhak, Hammad bin Abi Sulayman, Qatadah, As-Suddi, Ibn Al-Mubarak, Ath-Thawri and others have all said this.


(and Jahim.) This is a blazing fire.

﴿وَطَعَاماً ذَا غُصَّةٍ﴾

(And a food that chokes,) Ibn `Abbas said, "This means it will get stuck in the throat and it will not enter or come out.''

﴿وَعَذَاباً أَلِيماًيَوْمَ تَرْجُفُ الاٌّرْضُ وَالْجِبَالُ﴾

(and a painful torment. On the Day when the earth and the mountains will (Tarjuf) shake,) meaning, they will quake.

﴿وَكَانَتِ الْجِبَالُ كَثِيباً مَّهِيلاً﴾

(And the mountains will be a heap of sand poured out.) meaning, they will become like hills of sand after they had been firm rocks. Then they will be utterly destroyed and nothing will remain of them. This will occur until the entire earth becomes a flat land and no curvature will be seen in it. Thus, there will be no valleys and no hills. This means that no part of it will be low or elevated.

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