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The driving of the Criminals to their Final Abode in Hell and how it will be done Print E-mail

Allah informs about the disbelievers who deny the final abode, the recompense, Paradise, and the Hellfire. On the Day of Judgement it will be said to them:

﴿انطَلِقُواْ إِلَى مَا كُنتُمْ بِهِ تُكَذِّبُونَ - انطَلِقُواْ إِلَى ظِلٍّ ذِى ثَلَـثِ شُعَبٍ ﴾

(Depart you to that which you used to deny! Depart you to a shadow in three columns,) meaning, a flame of fire when it rises and ascends with smoke. So due to its severity and strength, it will have three columns.

﴿لاَّ ظَلِيلٍ وَلاَ يُغْنِى مِنَ اللَّهَبِ ﴾

(Neither shady nor of any use against the fierce flame of the Fire.) meaning, shade of the smoke that comes from the flame -- which itself will not have a shade, nor will it benefit against the flame. This means it will not protect them from the heat of the flame. Allah said,

﴿إِنَّهَا تَرْمِى بِشَرَرٍ كَالْقَصْرِ ﴾

(Verily, it throws sparks as Al-Qasr,) meaning, its sparks will shoot out from its flame like huge castles. Ibn Mas`ud said, "Like forts.'' Ibn `Abbas, Mujahid, Qatadah and Malik who reported from Zayd bin Aslam and others said, "This means the trunk of trees.''

﴿كَأَنَّهُ جِمَـلَةٌ صُفْرٌ ﴾

(As if they were Sufr camels.) means, black camels. This is the view of Mujahid, Al-Hasan, Qatadah, and Ad-Dahhak, and Ibn Jarir favored this view. Ibn `Abbas Mujahid, and Sa`id bin Jubayr said about,

﴿جِمَـلَةٌ صُفْرٌ﴾

(Sufr camels.) "Meaning ropes of ships.''

﴿إِنَّهَا تَرْمِى بِشَرَرٍ كَالْقَصْرِ ﴾

(Verily, it (Hell) throws sparks as Al-Qasr.) Imam Al-Bukhari recorded from Ibn `Abbas that he said: "We were directed to the timber a length of three cubits or more in order to use it for construction of buildings. We used to call it Al-Qasr.

﴿كَأَنَّهُ جِمَـلَةٌ صُفْرٌ ﴾

(As if they were Sufr camels.) These (Jimalat) are ropes of ships that are bundled until they resemble the intestines of men.''

﴿وَيْلٌ يَوْمَئِذٍ لِّلْمُكَذِّبِينَ ﴾

(Woe that Day to the deniers!)


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