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Allah says,

﴿عَـلِيَهُمْ ثِيَابُ سُندُسٍ خُضْرٌ وَإِسْتَبْرَقٌ﴾

(Their garments will be of fine green silk, and Istabraq.) meaning, among the garments of the people of Paradise is silk and Sundus, which is a high quality silk. These garments will be shirts and similar clothing from the undergarments. Concerning Istabraq (velvet), from it there is that which has a glitter and shimmer to it, and it is that which is worn as outer clothes, just as is well-known in clothing.

﴿وَحُلُّواْ أَسَاوِرَ مِن فِضَّةٍ﴾

(They will be adorned with bracelets of silver,) This is a description of the righteous. In reference to those who will be near to Allah, then their description is as Allah says,

﴿يُحَلَّوْنَ فِيهَا مِنْ أَسَاوِرَ مِن ذَهَبٍ وَلُؤْلُؤاً وَلِبَاسُهُمْ فِيهَا حَرِيرٌ﴾

(Wherein they will be adorned with bracelets of gold and pearls and their garments therein will be of silk.) (22:23) After Allah mentions the outward beautification with silk and ornaments, He then says,

﴿وَسَقَـهُمْ رَبُّهُمْ شَرَاباً طَهُوراً﴾

(and their Lord will give them a purifying drink.) meaning, it will purify their insides of envy, despise, hatred, harm and the other reprehensible character traits. This is just as we have recorded from the Commander of the believers, `Ali bin Abi Talib, that he said, "When the people of Paradise come to the Gate of Paradise, they will find two springs there. Then it will be as if they were inspired with what to do, so they will drink from one of them and Allah will remove whatever harmfulness there may be within them. Then they will bathe in the other spring and a glow of delight will run all over them. Thus, Allah informs of their outward condition and their inner beauty.'' Allah then says,

﴿إِنَّ هَـذَا كَانَ لَكُمْ جَزَآءً وَكَانَ سَعْيُكُم مَّشْكُوراً ﴾

(Verily, this is a reward for you, and your endeavor has been accepted.) meaning, this will be said to them in honor of them and as a goodness towards them. This is as Allah says,

﴿كُلُواْ وَاشْرَبُواْ هَنِيئَاً بِمَآ أَسْلَفْتُمْ فِى الاٌّيَّامِ الْخَالِيَةِ ﴾

(Eat and drink at ease for that which you have sent forth before you in days past!) (69:24) Allah also says,

﴿وَنُودُواْ أَن تِلْكُمُ الْجَنَّةُ أُورِثْتُمُوهَا بِمَا كُنتُمْ تَعْمَلُونَ﴾

(And it will be cried out to them: "This is the Paradise which you have inherited for what you used to do.'') (7:43) Then Allah says,

﴿وَكَانَ سَعْيُكُم مَّشْكُوراً﴾

(and your endeavor has been accepted) mean- ing, `Allah the Exalted will reward you for a small amount (of deeds) with a large amount (of reward).'

﴿إِنَّا نَحْنُ نَزَّلْنَا عَلَيْكَ الْقُرْءَانَ تَنزِيلاً - فَاصْبِرْ لِحُكْمِ رَبِّكَ وَلاَ تُطِعْ مِنْهُمْ ءَاثِماً أَوْ كَفُوراً - وَاذْكُرِ اسْمَ رَبِّكَ بُكْرَةً وَأَصِيلاً - وَمِنَ الَّيْلِ فَاسْجُدْ لَهُ وَسَبِّحْهُ لَيْلاً طَوِيلاً - إِنَّ هَـؤُلاَءِ يُحِبُّونَ الْعَاجِلَةَ وَيَذَرُونَ وَرَآءَهُمْ يَوْماً ثَقِيلاً - نَّحْنُ خَلَقْنَـهُمْ وَشَدَدْنَآ أَسْرَهُمْ وَإِذَا شِئْنَا بَدَّلْنَآ أَمْثَـلَهُمْ تَبْدِيلاً إِنَّ هَـذِهِ تَذْكِرَةٌ فَمَن شَآءَ اتَّخَذَ إِلَى رَبِّهِ سَبِيلاً وَمَا تَشَآءُونَ إِلاَّ أَن يَشَآءَ اللَّهُ إِنَّ اللَّهَ كَانَ عَلِيماً حَكِيماً يُدْخِلُ مَن يَشَآءُ فِى رَحْمَتِهِ وَالظَّـلِمِينَ أَعَدَّ لَهُمْ عَذَاباً أَلِيماً ﴾

(23. Verily, it is We Who have sent down the Qur'an to you by stages.) (24. Therefore be patient with constancy to the command of your Lord, and obey neither a sinner nor a disbeliever among them.) (25. And remember the Name of your Lord every morning and afternoon.) (26. And during the night, prostrate yourself to Him, and glorify Him a long night through.) (27. Verily, these love the present life of this world, and put behind them a heavy Day.) (28. It is We Who created them, and We have made them of strong build. And when We will, We can replace them with others like them with a complete replacement.) (29. Verily, this is an admonition, so whosoever wills, let him take a path to his Lord.) (30. But you cannot will, unless Allah wills. Verily, Allah is Ever All-Knowing, All-Wise.) (31. He will admit to His mercy whom He wills and as for the wrongdoers -- He has prepared a painful torment.)

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