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The Land of `Ad Print E-mail

The people of `Ad lived in Yemen, in the area of Ahqaf, which means sand mounds. Muhammad bin Ishaq narrated that Abu At-Tufayl `Amir bin Wathilah said that he heard `Ali (bin Abi Talib) saying to a man from Hadramawt (in Yemen), "Have you seen a red sand mound, where there are a lot of Arak and Lote trees in the area of so-and-so in Hadramawt Have you seen it'' He said, "Yes, O Commander of the faithful! By Allah, you described it as if you have seen it before.'' `Ali said, `I have not seen it, but it was described to me.'' The man asked, "What about it, O Commander of the faithful'' `Ali said, "There is the grave of Hud, peace be upon him, in its vicinity.'' Ibn Jarir recorded this statement, which gives the benefit of indicating that `Ad used to live in Yemen, since Prophet Hud was buried there. Prophet Hud was among the noble men and chiefs of `Ad, for Allah chose the Messengers from among the best, most honorable families and tribes. Hud's people were mighty and strong, but their hearts were mighty and hard, for they were among the most denying of Truth among the nations. Prophet Hud called `Ad to worship Allah alone without partners, and to obey and fear Him.


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