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The Virtues of Surat Al-Ma'idah; When It was Revealed 31772
Explaining the Lawful and the Unlawful Beasts 15512
The Necessity of Observing the Sanctity of the Sacred Area and the Sacred Months 11848
Taking the Hady to the Sacred House of Allah, Al-Ka`bah 10972
The Necessity of Preserving the Sanctity and Safety of those who Intend to Travel to the Sacred Hous 10029
Hunting Game is Permissible After Ihram Ends 9442
Justice is Always Necessary 16167
The Animals that are Unlawful to Eat 14867
The Prohibition of Using Al-Azlam for Decision Making 14761
Shaytan and the Disbelievers Do Not Hope that Muslims Will Ever Follow Them 9784
Islam Has Been Perfected For Muslims 28702
Permitting the Dead Animals in Conditions of Necessity 11217
Clarifying the Lawful 9012
Mention Allah's Name Upon Sending the Predators to Catch the Game 13662
Permitting the Slaughtered Animals of the People of the Book 12772
The Permission to Marry Chaste Women From the People of the Scriptures 16965
The Order to Perform Wudu 11073
The Intention and Mentioning Allah's Name for Wudu 8847
Passing the Fingers through the Beard While Performing Wudu 8213
How to Perform Wudu 9119
The Necessity of Washing the Feet 7783
The Hadiths that Indicate the Necessity of Washing the Feet 7735
The Necessity of Washing Between the Fingers 7277
Wiping Over the Khuffs is an Established Sunnah 7557
Performing Tayammum with Clean earth When There is no Water and When One is Ill 8269
Supplicating to Allah after Wudu 7352
The Virtue of Wudu 14530
Reminding the Believers of the Bounty of the Message and Islam 9002
The Necessity of Observing Justice 9342
Among Allah's Favors is that He Prevented the Disbelievers from Fighting the Muslims 10248
Cursing the People of the Book for Breaking the Covenant 8933
The Leaders of Ansar on the Night of `Aqabah 8099
Breaking the Covenant 7962
The Christians Also Broke their Covenant with Allah and the Repercussion of this Behavior 10795
Explaining the Truth Through the Messenger and the Qur'an 12265
The Polytheism and Disbelief of the Christians 7816
Refuting the People of the Book's Claim that they are Allah's Children 12676
Musa Reminds His People of Allah's Favors on Them; The Jews Refuse to Enter the Holy Land 11047
The Speeches of Yuwsha` (Joshua) and Kalib (Caleb) 9857
The Righteous Response of the Companions During the Battle of Badr 8327
Musa Supplicates to Allah Against the Jews 7206
Forbidding the Jews from Entering the Holy Land for Forty Years 7552
Conquering Jerusalem 7348
Allah Comforts Musa 11155
The Story of Habil (Abel) and Qabil (Cain) 56286
The Swift Punishment for Transgression and Cutting the Relations of the Womb 21442
Human Beings Should Respect the Sanctity of Other Human Beings 31817
Warning Those who Commit Mischief 13471
The Punishment of those Who Cause Mischief in the Land 23117
The Punishment of those who Wage War Against Allah and His Messenger is Annulled if They Repent ... 14247
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