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(Chapter 3) 49173
The Mutashabihat and Muhkamat Ayat 67710
Only Allah Knows the True Ta'wil (Interpretation) of the Mutashabihat 31630
On the Day of Resurrection, No Wealth or Offspring Shall Avail 21765
Threatening the Jews With Defeat and Encouraging Them to Learn a Lesson From the Battle of Badr 20497
The True Value of This Earthly Life 20157
The Reward of the Those Who Have Taqwa is Better Than All Joys of This World 18724
The Supplication and Description of Al-Muttaqin 21378
The Testimony of Tawhid 16519
The Religion with Allah is Islam 39096
Islam is the Religion of Mankind and the Prophet Was Sent to all Mankind 19573
Chastising the Jews for Their Disbelief and for Killing the Prophets and Righteous People 16807
Chastising the People of the Book for Not Referring to the Book of Allah for Judgment 17164
Encouraging Gratitude 21785
The Prohibition of Supporting the Disbelievers 42433
Allah Knows What the Hearts Conceal 20009
Allah's Love is Attained by Following the Messenger 28429
The Chosen Ones Among the People of the Earth 21448
The Story of Maryam's Birth 25039
Maryam Grows Up; Her Honor is with Allah 20952
The Supplication of Zakariyya, and the Good News of Yahya's Birth 22197
The Virtue of Maryam Over the Women of Her Time 23411
Delivering the Good News to Maryam of `Isa's Birth 17002
`Isa Spoke When He was Still in the Cradle 16607
`Isa was Created Without a Father 17884
The Description of `Isa and the Miracles He Performed 24660
The Disciples Give Their Support to `Isa 16002
The Jews Plot to Kill `Isa 23255
Meaning of `Take You 17170
Altering the Religion of `Isa 16036
Threatening the Disbelievers with Torment in This Life and the Hereafter 18339
The Similarities Between the Creation of Adam and the Creation of `Isa 18819
The Challenge to the Mubahalah 27720
Every Person Knows about Tawhid 20394
Disputing with the Jews and Christians About the Religion of Ibrahim 17410
The Envy the Jews Feel Towards Muslims; Their Wicked Plots Against Muslims 18322
How Trustworthy Are the Jews 14440
There is No Share in the Hereafter for Those Who Break Allah's Covenant 15855
The Jews Alter Allah's Words 16592
No Prophet Ever Called People to Worship him or to Worship Other Than Allah 17050
Taking a Pledge From the Prophets to Believe in Our Prophet, Muhammad 19543
The Only Valid Religion To Allah is Islam 17067
Allah Does Not Guide People Who Disbelieve After they Believed, Unless They Repent 16578
Neither Repentance of the Disbeliever Upon Death, Nor His Ransoming Himself on the Day of ... 16125
Al-Birr is Spending from the Best of One's Wealth 17383
The Questions that the Jews Asked Our Prophet 21955
The Ka`bah is the First House of Worship 14415
The Names of Makkah, Such As `Bakkah 21712
The Station of Ibrahim 17239
Al-Haram, the Sacred Area, is a Safe Area 16300
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