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Which was revealed in Makkah 7938
Consolation to the Prophet for the Disbelief of Quraysh 7536
The Idolators' admission that Allah is the Sole Creator, and Further Evidence of that 8485
Condemnation of the Idolators' attribution of Offspring to Allah 7437
The Idolators have no Proof 8964
Ibrahim's Declaration of Tawhid Here 6595
How the People of Makkah turned away from the Messenger and opposed Him, and His Response 7189
Wealth is not a Sign of Divine Pleasure 9123
The Shaytan is the Companion of the One Who turns away from Ar-Rahman 7827
Allah's Vengeance upon the Enemies of His Messenger will surely come to pass 7081
Encouragement to adhere to the Qur'an 7163
Musa was sent with the Message of Tawhid to Fir`awn and His Chiefs 6528
Fir`awn's Address to His People and how Allah punished Him 8579
The Contempt of the Quraysh for the son of Maryam, and His true Status with Allah 14176
The Resurrection will come suddenly, and Enmity will arise between close Friends among the Disbeliev 6576
Good News for Those with Taqwa on the Day of Resurrection, and Their entry into Paradise 7684
The Punishment of the Doomed 7234
Allah has no Offspring Allah says: 6056
The Uniqueness of the Lord 5769
The Idols have no Power of Intercession 5901
The Idolators admit that Allah Alone is the Creator 5775
The Prophet's Complaint to Allah 6487
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