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Which was revealed in Makkah 7980
The Power of Allah 9146
None can withhold the Mercy of 9243
The Evidence of Tawhid 9656
Consolation in the fact that the previous Messengers were denied, and a reminder of the Resurrection 8482
The Punishment of the Disbeliever and the Reward of the Believer on the Day of Resurrection 8981
Evidence of Life after Death 7834
Honor, Power and Glory in this World and in the Hereafter come only by obeying Allah 8701
Righteous Deeds ascend to Allah 8382
Allah is the Creator and Knower of the Unseen 10058
The Blessings and Signs of Allah 8483
The gods of the Idolators do not even own a Qitmir 11378
Mankind is in need of Allah, and each Person will carry His own Burdens on the Day of Resurrection 17054
The Believer and the Disbeliever are not equal 13612
The Perfect Power of Allah 10102
The Muslims will be the Ones Who gain in the Hereafter 7857
The Qur'an is The true Book of Allah 7700
The Inheritance of the Qur'an is of three kinds 8868
The Virtues of the Scholars 10360
The Punishment of the Disbeliever and what Their State will be in Hell 9998
The Helplessness of the false gods and the Power of Allah 7944
They longed for a Warner to come, but when He came, They disbelieved in Him 7732
Remember the Bad Consequences of disbelieving in the Prophets 6031
The Wisdom behind delaying the Punishment Then Allah says: 6183
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