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Which was revealed in Makkah 13528
Blessed be Allah 14527
The Foolishness of the Idolators 11884
What the Disbelievers said about the Qur'an 12703
What the Disbelievers said about the Messenger , refutation of Their Words, and Their ultimate Desti 11767
Is the Fire better, or Paradise 11429
The gods of the Idolators will disown Them on the Day of Resurrection 11506
All of the Previous Messengers were Human 12186
The Stubbornness of the Disbelievers 12734
The Abode of the People of Paradise 14072
The Terrors of the Day of Resurrection, and how the Wrongdoers will wish that They had taken a Path 15098
The Messenger will complain against His Opponents 14193
The Reason why the Qur'an was revealed in Stages, the Refutation of the Disbelievers, and their Evil 17642
Frightening the Idolators of Quraysh 15957
How the Disbelievers mocked the Messenger 11383
They took Their Desires as their gods and were more astray than Cattle 16442
Evidence of the existence of the Creator and the extent of His Power 11666
This is also part of His complete power and supreme authority: 13705
The universality of the Prophet's Message, how He was supported in His Mission and Allah's Blessings 17532
The Ignorance of the Idolators 10340
The Messenger brings Glad Tidings and Warnings 10199
The Command to the Messenger to put his Trust in Allah, and some of His Qualities 11391
Condemnation of the Idolators 12644
Mentioning the Might and Power of Allah 19327
Attributes of the Servants of the Most Gracious 18882
The Attributes of the Servants of the Most Gracious include avoiding Shirk, Murder and Zina 20589
More Attributes of the Servants of the Most Gracious 16798
The Reward of the Servants of the Most Gracious, and a Warning to the People of Makkah 11170
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