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Which was Revealed in Makkah 23576
The Success is for the believers whose qualities are described here 34214
The Sign of Allah in the progressive creation of Man from Clay then from Nutfah and thereafter 20364
His Sign in the creation of the Heavens 12653
Allah's Signs and Blessings in the Rain, Vegetation, Trees and Cattle 14274
The Story of Nuh, Peace be upon Him; and his people 11089
Allah tells us that Nuh, peace be upon him, invoked his Lord to help him against his people, 11880
The Story of `Ad or Thamud 17852
Mention of Other Nations Allah says: 11142
The Story of Musa, Peace be upon Him; and Fir`awn 10539
`Isa and Maryam 11902
The Command to eat Lawful Food and to do Righteous Deeds 10417
The Religion of all the Prophets is Tawhid; and the Warning against splitting into different Groups 12168
Description of the People of Good Deeds 10701
The Justice of Allah and the Frivolity of the Idolators 11078
Refutation and Condemnation of the Idolators 9777
Truth does not follow Whims and Desires 10111
The Prophet does not ask for any payment, and he calls to the straight path. 9112
The Situation of the Disbelievers 10071
A reminder of the Blessings of Allah and His immense Power 8442
The Idolators thought that Resurrection after Death was very unlikely 9789
The Idolators believe in Tawhid Ar-Rububiyyah, which requires them to believe in Tawhid Al-Uluhiyyah 12217
Allah has no Partner or Associate 13980
The Command to call on Allah when Calamity strikes, to repel Evil with that which is better, and to 13378
The Disbelievers' Hope when death approaches Allah tells us about what happens when death approaches 9292
(And warn mankind of the Day when the torment will come unto them) 9759
Barzakh and Punishment therein 11420
The sounding of the Trumpet and the weighing of Deeds in the Scales. 9894
Rebuking the People of Hell, their admission of Their Wretchedness and their Request to be brought o 9091
Allah's Response and Rejection of the Disbelievers 11238
Allah tells them how much they wasted in their short lives in this world by failing to obey Allah an 11755
Allah did not create His Servants in vain 13429
Shirk is the Worst form of Wrong, its Practitioner shall never succeed. Allah threatens those who as 9294
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