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People should speak Good Words with Politeness 12536
The Preference of some Prophets above Others 11905
The gods of the Idolators can neither benefit nor harm; rather they themselves seek to draw close .. 10283
The Destruction or Torment of all Disbelieving Towns before the Hour begins 9433
The Reason why Allah did not send Signs or Miracles 13270
Allah has encompassed Mankind and made the Vision of His Prophet a Trial for Them 11899
The Story of Adam and Iblis 15166
Ships are a Sign of the Mercy of Allah 9663
When Harm befalls Them, the Disbelievers do not remember anyone except Allah 9462
Does not the Punishment of Allah come on Land too 9321
Perhaps He will send You back to the Sea 11174
The Honor and noble Nature of Man 12233
Everyone will be called by his Imam on the Day of Resurrection 17776
How the Prophet would have been punished if He had given in at all to the Disbelievers' Demands ... 10415
The Reason why these Ayat were revealed 16079
The Command to offer the Prayers at their appointed Times 15206
The Meeting of the Angels at the Times of Fajr and `Asr Prayers 19349
The Command to pray Tahajjud 18621
The Hadith of Abu Hurayrah 13901
The Command to emigrate 10674
A Threat to the Disbelievers of the Quraysh 12358
The Qur'an is a Cure and a Mercy 13774
Turning away from Allah at Times of Ease and despairing at Times of Calamity 12510
The Ruh (spirit) 21184
The Ruh and the Nafs 23858
If Allah willed, He could take away the Qur'an 10944
Challenging by the Qur'an 10497
The Demand of Quraysh for a specific Sign, and the Rejection of that 10490
If you are looking for position, we will make you our leader. If you are looking for kingship, we wi 8799
Let there be among those whom He resurrects Qusayy bin Kilab, for he was a truthful old man, and we 8697
The Reason why the Idolators' Demands were refused 9453
The refusal of the Idolators to believe because the Messenger was a Human -- and its refutation 9215
Guidance and Misguidance are in the Hands of Allah 8722
The Punishment of the People of Misguidance 8686
Allah says: This punishment, being resurrected blind, dumb and deaf, is what they deserve, because 9430
Holding back is Part of Man's Nature 10237
The Nine Signs of Musa 22978
The Destruction of Fir`awn and His People 11111
The Revelation of the Qur'an in Stages 11054
Those Who were given Knowledge before truly admit the Qur'an 10629
To Allah belong the Most Beautiful Names 11595
The Command to recite neither loudly nor softly 10813
Declaration of Tawhid 8898
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