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Which was revealed in Makkah 14130
The Messenger cannot be but a Human Being 13735
Allah is the Creator Who arranges the Affairs of the Universe 13054
The Return of Everything is to Allah 13228
Everything is a Witness to the Power of Allah 14363
The Abode of Those Who deny the Hour is Hell-Fire 11240
The Good Reward is for the People of Faith and Good Deeds 12270
Allah does not respond to the Requests for Evil like He does with the Requests for Good 11225
Man remembers Allah at Times of Adversity and forgets Him at Times of Prosperity 11538
The Admonition held in the Destruction of the Previous Generations 11103
Obstinance of the Chiefs of the Quraysh 9410
The Evidence of the Truthfulness of the Qur'an Muhammad then argued with supporting evidence to the 11772
What do the Idolators believe about Their Gods 9469
Shirk is New 11082
The Idolators requested a Miracle 10513
Man changes when He receives Mercy after Times of Distress 12029
The Parable of this Life 10626
Invitation to the Everlasting Gifts that do not vanish 12631
The Reward of the Good-Doers 19032
The Reward of the Wicked Criminals 10889
The gods of the Idolators will claim Innocence from them on the Day of Resurrection 10561
The Idolators recognize Allah's Tawhid in Lordship and the Evidence is established against Them thro 12030
This invalidates and falsifies their claims for committing Shirk with Allah and worshipping ... 10575
The Qur'an is the True, Inimitable Word of Allah and It is a Miracle 13850
The Command to be Free and Clear from the Idolators 10095
The Feeling of Brevity toward the Worldly Life at the Gathering on the Day of Resurrection 10634
The Criminals will certainly be avenged -- whether in This World or in the Hereafter 10834
The Deniers of the Day of Resurrection wish to hasten its Coming and their Response 10303
The Resurrection is Real 15021
None can make Anything Lawful or Unlawful except Allah or Those Whom Allah has allowed to do so 14907
Everything Small or Large is within the Knowledge of Allah 13154
Identifying the Awliya' of Allah 28543
The True Dream is a Form of Good News 16218
All Might and Honor is for Allah -- He Alone has Full Authority within the Universe 10551
Allah is Far Above taking a Wife or having Children 9728
The Story of Nuh and His People 8954
Islam is the Religion of all of the Prophets 11146
The Evil Goal and End of Criminals 8700
Meaning; Then after Nuh We sent Messengers to their people. 10446
The Story of Musa and Fira`wn 9738
Between Musa and the Magicians 16850
Only a Few Youth from Fir`awn's People believed in Musa 11284
Musa encouraged His People to put Their Trust in Allah 10877
They were commanded to pray inside Their Homes 9911
Musa supplicated against Fir`awn and His Chiefs 12100
The Children of Israel were saved and Fir`awn's People drowned 15760
The Establishment of the Children of Israel in the Land and Their Provision from the Good Things 14801
Previous books Attest to the Truth of the Qur'an 12845
Belief at the Time of Punishment did not help except with the People of Yunus 12370
It is not Part of Allah's Decree to compel Belief 13954
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