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Blessings come with Faith, while Kufr brings Torment 11767
Ibn `Abbas commented on Allah's statement, 13208
Story of Prophet Musa, upon him be Peace, and Fir`awn 18510
Fir`awn's People say that Musa is a Magician! 10940
The Magicians convene and change Their Ropes into Snakes before Musa 11610
Musa defeats the Magicians, Who believe in Him 13592
Fir`awn threatens the Magicians after They believed in Musa and Their Response to Him 12597
Fir`awn vows to kill the Children of Israel, Who complain to Musa; Allah promises Them Victory 11094
Fir`awn and His People suffer Years of Drought 13179
Allah punishes the People of Fir`awn because of Their Rebellion 14127
The People of Fir`awn drown in the Sea; the Children of Israel inherit the Holy Land 11267
The Children of Israel safely cross the Sea, but still held on to the Idea of Idol Worshipping 10774
Reminding the Children of Israel of Allah's Blessings for Them 11630
Musa fasts and worships Allah for Forty Days 18381
Musa asks to see Allah 53258
Allah chooses Musa and gives Him the Tablets 14909
Arrogant People will be deprived of Allah's Ayat 16326
Story of worshipping the Calf 19733
Musa picked up the Tablets when His Anger subsided 13297
Seventy Men from the Children of Israel go for the appointed Meeting Place that Allah designated, Al 12194
Allah's Mercy is for Those Who have Taqwa and believe in Allah's Ayat and His Messenger 15170
The Description of that Messenger 13282
Muhammad's Message is Universal 12934
The Jews transgress the Sanctity of the Sabbath 14544
Those Who breached the Sabbath were turned into Monkeys, but Those Who prohibited Their Actions were 12917
Eternal Humiliation placed on the Jews 12760
The Children of Israel scatter throughout the Land 11518
Raising Mount Tur over the Jews, because of Their Rebellion 19225
The Covenant taken from the Descendants of Adam 30562
Story Bal`am bin Ba`ura 39870
Disbelief and the Divine Decree 16544
Allah's Most Beautiful Names 32634
The Last Hour and its Portents 15761
The Messenger does not know the Unseen, and He cannot bring Benefit or Harm even to Himself 15438
All Mankind are the Offspring of Adam 14975
Idols do not create, help, or have Power over Anything 17188
Showing Forgiveness 16096
The Whispering of Shaytan and the People of Taqwa 10437
A Brethren of Devils among Mankind lure to Falsehood 10313
Idolators ask to witness Miracles 11134
The Order to listen to the Qur'an 12940
Remembering Allah in the Mornings and Afternoons 10701
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