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Which was revealed in Makkah 16082
Nations that were destroyed 16027
The Meaning of weighing the Deeds 13652
All Bounties in the Heavens and Earth are for the Benefit of Mankind 11489
Prostration of the Angels to Adam and Shaytan's Arrogance 16250
Iblis was the First to use Qiyas (Analogical Comparison) 18724
Shaytan's Deceit with Adam and Hawwa' and Their eating from the Forbidden Tree 15793
Sending Them All Down to Earth 12546
Bestowing Raiment and Adornment on Mankind 12358
Warning against the Lures of Shaytan 11490
Disbelievers commit Sins and claim that Allah commanded Them to do so! 11222
Allah does not order Fahsha', but orders Justice and Sincerity 10310
The Meaning of being brought into Being in the Beginning and brought back again 14624
Allah commands taking Adornment when going to the Masjid 11056
Prohibiting Extravagance 13268
Allah refutes those who prohibit any type of food, drink or clothes according to their own ... 10157
Fahishah, Sin, Transgression, Shirk and Lying about Allah are prohibited 12525
Idolators enjoy Their destined Share in This Life, but will lose Their Supporters upon Death 9407
People of the Fire will dispute and curse Each Other Allah mentioned what He will say to those who a 10479
Doors of Heaven shall not open for Those Who deny Allah's Ayat, and They shall never enter Paradise 11723
Destination of Righteous Believers 9315
People of Hellfire will feel Anguish upon Anguish 12521
The People of Al-A`raf 25724
The Favors of paradise are Prohibited for the People of the Fire 12869
The Idolators have no Excuse 12102
The Universe was created in Six Days 14722
Meaning of Istawa 18450
The Day and the Night are among the Signs of Allah 11539
Encouraging supplicating to Allah 9230
Forbidding Aggression in Supplications 8743
The Prohibition of causing Mischief in the Land 10100
Among Allah's Signs, He sends down the Rain and brings forth the Produce 12617
The Story of Nuh and His People 11281
The Story of Hud, Peace be upon Him, and the Lineage of the People of `Ad 8729
The Land of `Ad 7757
Debate between Hud and his People 8485
Allah mentions the rebellion, defiance and stubbornness of Hud's people, and their opposition to him 8210
The End of `Ad 7769
Story of the Emissary of `Ad 9974
Thamud: Their Land and Their Lineage 8991
The Story of Prophet Salih and Thamud 9844
Thamud asked that a Camel appear from a Stone, and it did 8705
Thamud kills the She-Camel 10546
The Wicked Ones Plot to Kill Prophet Salih, But the Torment descended on Them 9637
The Story of Prophet Lut, upon Him be Peace, and His People 34071
Allah says, We saved Lut and his family, for only his household believed in him. 12749
Story of Shu`ayb, upon him be Peace, and the Land of Madyan 11169
Prophet Shu`ayb forbade his people from setting up blockades on the roads, saying, 9307
Allah describes the way the disbelievers answered His Prophet Shu`ayb and those who believed in him, 9465
Afflictions that struck Earlier Nations 9977
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