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The Devil's Inspiration 12621
Giving Preference to Anyone's Saying Over the Legislation of Allah is Shirk 10388
The Parable of the Disbeliever and the Believer 10516
Evil Plots of the Leaders of the Criminals and their Subsequent Demise 10139
The Disbelievers Admit to the Prophet's Nobility of Lineage 13046
The Wrongdoers Are the Supporters of Each other 9437
Chastising the Jinns and Humans after their Admission that Allah Sent Messengers to Them 10521
If They Disobey, They Will Perish 9273
Some Acts of Shirk 9296
Shaytan Lured the Idolators to Kill Their Children 8672
The Idolators Forbade Certain Types of Cattle 9903
Allah says that those who committed these evil acts have earned the loss of this life and the ... 9688
Allah Created the Produce, Seed Grains and Cattle 8685
Prohibiting Extravagance 9689
Benefits of Cattle 8614
Eat the Meat of These Cattle, But Do Not Follow Shaytan's Law Concerning Them 9306
These Ayat demonstrate the ignorance of the Arabs before Islam. 10560
Forbidden Things 11671
Foods that were Prohibited for the Jews Because of their Transgression 9440
The Tricks of the Jews, and Allah's Curse 12059
A False Notion and its Rebuttal 12263
Ten Commandments 10757
Shirk is Forbidden 9826
The Order for Kindness to Parents 12303
Killing Children is Forbidden 14219
The Prohibition of Unjustified Killing 15250
The Prohibition of Consuming the Orphan's Property 9107
The Command to Give Full Measure and Full Weight with Justice 10062
The Order for Just Testimony 8660
The Command to Follow Allah's Straight Path and to Avoid All Other Paths 16594
Praising the Tawrah and the Qur'an 12274
The Qur'an is Allah's Proof Against His Creation 16244
The Disbelievers Await the Commencement of the Hereafter, or Some of its Portents 13269
Criticizing Division in the Religion 13446
The Good Deed is Multiplied Tenfold, While the Sin is Recompensed with the Same 21345
Islam is the Straight Path 11769
The Command for Sincerity in Worship 10570
Islam is the Religion of all Prophets 11800
The Command to Sincerely Trust in Allah 9991
Every Person Carries His Own Burden 10406
Allah Made Mankind Dwellers on the earth, Generation After Generation, of Various Grades, in order.. 9220
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