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Which was revealed in Makkah 8686
The Jinns listening to the Qur'an and Their Belief in It 8487
The Jinns Affirmation that Allah does not have a Wife and Children 7187
Among the Causes of the Transgression of the Jinns were that Humans sought Refuge with Them 7468
The Jinns stealing Information from the Sky before the the Messenger was sent and striking Them with 8240
The Jinns testify that among Them there are Believers, Disbelievers, Misguided and Guided 6421
The Jinns confess to Allah's Perfect Power 5830
Mentioning Those Who held this View 6082
The Command to worship Allah Alone and shun Shirk 5700
The Messenger does not have Power to harm or give Guidance 5133
It is only obligatory upon the Messenger to convey the Message 6145
The Messenger of Allah does not know when the Hour will be 5354
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